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this is my parenting journal. i'm a new mama. a smart mama. if you don't agree with my interests below, we probably won't get along very well. don't get me wrong, i am open-minded, but parenting is a sensitive issue for me and i'd rather not turn my journal into a battleground. i'm young and married. i'm your standard middle-class mama trapped in suburbia, looking for a way out. my husband works for a large company here in boise, idaho. i'm a sahm, formerly in retail management.

noah is our son, born july 29th 2005. he's a peaceful baby, which goes to prove we chose the right name! he was born at eight pounds ten ounces and is growing fast! i know everyone thinks they have the cutest baby, but really... noah is the cutest ever. ;)

he's a sling baby and loves to be worn around the house (and recently, out of the house!) and hates disposable diapers. he definitely prefers cloth. (daddy prefers cloth, too. much easier on the pocketbook.) he also doesn't care much for his swing or being in a crib but that's okay because we can swing him in our arms and he sleeps right next to us at night.